Charlie Rehman

Charlie Rehman

Scouting & Player Liaison


Charlie has been a key part of the TSG set-up providing invaluable local and inernational player scouting and liaison services to TSG’s players.

As TSG’s Scouting Assistant Charlie bring a wealth of experience in talent evaluation and travels extensively for the purposes of watching footballers play in order to determine whether their set of skills and talents represent what is needed by TSG.

Charlie is interested primarily in the selection of prospects, younger players who may require further development by the TSG team and who he judges to be worthy of the effort and expense to bring realise a players potential.

In addition Charlie works with the wider TSG team to concentrate on players who are already polished professionals and whose rights may be available soon, either through free agency or trading, and who are seen as filling a team’s specific need at a certain position.

Charlies core skill lies in helping TSG to determine which players will fit in well with a particular team’s requirements, and who will be the major difference between success and failure for the TSG’s clients.